Welcome to The Haute Hooker! No, I’m not talking Julia Robert’s Pretty Woman type of hooking; we’re talking hooking of the crochet kind.
Fair warning, I’ve been a blogging virgin until this post. Until now I’ve gained the majority of my knowledge from other people’s blogs and now that I’m beginning to get the “How did you do that?” and “Will you teach me?” questions, I figured I might as well share my hooking adventures with everyone!

So what is there to look forward to here? Free crocheting patterns, links to other crocheting patterns that I’ve tried and love, some non-crochet DIY tutorials (I’m all about getting crafty outside of hooking too!), possibly some recipes, and of course a little bit of shameless marketing.

Like so:
Recently I’ve been obsessed with the whole shabby chic vintage style. So when I found these coasters I knew I had to make my own.

You can find them for sale at my Etsy shop, along with other colors! Southern Swagger