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I promise to have a MUCH more detailed post coming up soon, but I thought I would go ahead and a give a little preview of what’s to come.

Last Thursday, I did something I had never done before. I actually paid money for a pattern. Most patterns I find for free or figure out on my own, so I’ve really had no need to pay for a pattern. That is when I stumbled across the Felted Button on Pinterest and fell in love with a few of her patterns. I ended up buying three and was SO excited when they arrived in my inbox less than an hour after purchasing.

Currently I am working on her Waikiki Wildflower Blanket pattern. This pattern is pretty detailed and I knew creating a full out blanket would take some time. It would be PERFECT for creating a baby blanket, but alas, I have no baby to spoil… yet. Thus, I have decided to put my own spin on her pattern and create a throw pillow instead.

So far I feel like I’ve been fairly successful with my first paid pattern. Part of it calls for a couple of rounds of front post double chains and front post triple chains. While this isn’t my first experience with these stitches, I found them VERY awkward the first time I created my flowers. If you decide to try this pattern as well BE PATIENT. It WILL turn out. This rang true for the joining of the flowers as well. I kept thinking to myself “Am I doing this right? There’s no way this is right.” But lo and behold it’s not looking to shabby (ok maybe a little shabby… shabby chic that is).

Besides my awkward beginning, this a very easy and detailed pattern. Susan did a fabulous job writing it, laying out diagrams, and being super thorough in her explanations. Be sure to check it out!

Also, while Susan uses Red Heart for her pattern, I am using Lily Sugar’n Cream. I LOVE the feel of cotton yarn and for some reason I find it easier to work with. Updates on the pillow will come soon!



Welcome to The Haute Hooker! No, I’m not talking Julia Robert’s Pretty Woman type of hooking; we’re talking hooking of the crochet kind.
Fair warning, I’ve been a blogging virgin until this post. Until now I’ve gained the majority of my knowledge from other people’s blogs and now that I’m beginning to get the “How did you do that?” and “Will you teach me?” questions, I figured I might as well share my hooking adventures with everyone!

So what is there to look forward to here? Free crocheting patterns, links to other crocheting patterns that I’ve tried and love, some non-crochet DIY tutorials (I’m all about getting crafty outside of hooking too!), possibly some recipes, and of course a little bit of shameless marketing.

Like so:
Recently I’ve been obsessed with the whole shabby chic vintage style. So when I found these coasters I knew I had to make my own.

You can find them for sale at my Etsy shop, along with other colors! Southern Swagger